About Us

Squires Real Estate - changing the way property is bought and sold

Paul Squires established Squires Real Estate in 1994 having run several highly successful offices in and around Perth for other business owners.

Squires Real Estate has a large team of dedicated people in real estate sales, all working to become the best Real Estate Agency in Perth, WA, and indeed Australia.

Our sales team are paid attractive salary packages plus bonuses and attend the best training course across the country each year. (See our Careers sections for more information about this.) Highly skilled in negotiating and knowledgeable you will find our team very different in the way they help you. We guarantee that you will not experience bad practices or old information as provided on the run, by some agents. We guarantee that as well. Our market dominance over the past 17 years has come about through hard work and putting clients first.

The principles of this office are based on the Jenman Group promoting ethics in real estate.

Most real estate agents have short term relationships with their clients, we however, are striving to create an ongoing relationships with our clients because we care and we aim to win their ongoing trust, repeat business and referrals to other people. We know our customers are very important and we will treat them so.

At Squires Real Estate, we believe that buying and selling real estate should not be a stressful experience that could lose you money but an uplifting, positive and rewarding experience.